Fibonacci Walk

Andrzej Golonka 2014

n-th Fibonacci Word we define recursively by F(0) = "a"; F(1) = "ab"; F(n) = F(n-1) & F(n-2);
F(5) = abaababaabaab

The application shows path of a turtle, which has to turn its direction on suitable letter in n-th fibonacci word.

SPACE - reset
dragging mouse with LEFT BUTTON - changes a or b values
dragging mouse with RIGHT BUTTON - changes c or d values
'A' or 'Z' - change the n value

a - angle of turning left (in radians)
b - angle of turning right (in radians)
c - distance of turning left
d - distance of turning right
n - n-th fibonacci word

Ag 2014_06_13,